SPORT-4 Hand Guard set for AK

SPORT-4 Xtra-Light Hand Guard set for AK-100 or AKM. This set is designated for modern AK-100 series rifles. With or without minor fitting it should work for the following types of guns:

-- AK-74; AK-74M; AK-100 series rifles and their derivatives

-- AKM

-- Russian Saiga (NON-SPORTSTER, the one with lower and upper hand retainer plate)

-- Bulgarian Arsenal, SLR rifles

-- Romanian WASR

-- Polish AKM

-- Egyptian MAADI

Sport-4 set was developed to accommodate 3-Gun competition shooters. It is essentially a hollowed out version of B-30/B-31 combo. This is not a military designed rig. this set is geared more so towards shooting sports.

Sport-1 set employs BASIS. a proprietary M-LOCK(tm) like attachment system developed by ZenitCo. Though similar to M-LOCK(tm), BASIS is not compatible. Arguably, BASIS is more reliable than M-LOCK(tm). BASIS virtually guarantees the absence of wobble and the repeatability of the "zero" once the part removed and subsequently returned back in its place. There are multiple parts that can be installed directly on to this hand guard using BASIS. These parts are:

* Hand Guards B-0L; B-1L, B-2L; B-4L; B-6L

* swivels A-1L; A-2L

* weaver rail attachments B-2, B-2U, B-2M

And others. All of these parts are available individually

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SPORT-4 Hand Guard set for AK

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