Absolutely awesome TSS AKM flash hider for standard AK-47; AKM; RPK and Vepr thread 14x1.5mm Left Hand. This is a two piece, vented buffle, flash hider. This flash hider eliminates 95% of the flash. Another "by-product" of this scheme for extinguishing muzzle flush is re-directing muzzle BLAST away form the shooter and his by-standers. This results in pushing most of the sound blast outwards and NOT up or sideways. This approach does help your fellow shooters who stand NEXT to you when you are shooting, especially if there is a roof over your heads...

Oh! and not to mention that this flash hider looks absolutely awesome on your rifle, even if you are not shooting.

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TSS AKM flash hider 14x1mm LH thread

  • Brand: Izhmash
  • Product Code: TSS AKM flash hider 14x1mm LH thread
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  • $99.99

Tags: TSS AKM flash hider 14x1mm LH thread