Mosin Nagant Sniper Bent Bolt Handle

Bent Bolt Handle section for Mosin Nagant. Original Russian military surplus part in original, unissued and unused condition. This particular batch came to us and we were pleasantly surprised when we realized that none of the handles had rifle serial numbers stamped on them.  This means that these are not just a "take down" parts from old and de-commed rifles, but that they are original spares which were made for and kept at military repair facilities. With this part, new owner can just engrave the serial number of his own rifle on this part and it will match. The condition of these is supperb. We have never seen them in a better condition.  They are still covered under a thick layer of cosmoline.

Bent bolt Handle section has always been a very desirable addition to any Mosin rifle, even if it does not have classic PU sniper scope on a "Kochetov Mount". Even w/o the scope, the addition of the bent handle will give the user more leverage when opening bolt after firing a shot. We all know how sometimes difficult this can be.  Also, when the bolt handle is bent down, when you carry the rifle on your back, it has less chances to catch on to something like a strap, a tree brunch or anything else. 

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Bent Bolt Handle section for Mosin Nagant (no Serial Numbers)

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