Authentic Russian/Soviet Plum color polymer pistol grip. Early to mid 1980’s  production. Someone has coined term “Shiny Plum”, this perfectly describes actual texture of these pistol grips, especially if  compared to late 80’s – mid 90’s mate Plum pistol grips and stocks.
Completely unused and unmolested.

These are hand selected for the most flecks in their texture. If normally Izhmash shiny plum grips have 3 or 5 flecks here and there, these are above average.

Now, their color is a bit darker than the Tula grips, and they do have fewer flecks than those, but still, they look spectacular. The last two pictures have five of these grips compared to Tula Shiny Plum. Tula is above, and Izhmash is the lower row.  

There might be minor blemishes, after all, this is a 30+ year old item.
Straight from Russian military depot.  100% original Cold War era surplus.

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Shiny Plum AK Pistol Grip by Izhmash (Hand select with distinctive fecks)

  • Brand: Izhmash
  • Product Code: Shiny Plum by Izhmash Pistol Grip (Hand pick for Flecks)
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $39.00

Tags: Shiny Plum by Izhmash Pistol Grip ( for AK-74, AKM, any other AK clone)