Made by a renown SSO (aka Soyuz Spetc Osnaschenie). This is a tactical carry rig with AK mag pouches. This is a modular system which consist of vaious pouches, belts, fast detach clips. Extremely ergonomic design which was developed based on the research done during all of the local conflicts Russian military and Interior Ministry regiments were involved in. It has earned high marks from all of the users. General concept is is as follow:

  •  this system of belts and straps provides a pseudo exoskeleton  structure which allows to attach and (if needed) quickly detach and dump all carried gear
  •  Using this system, all carried weight is more evenly distributed. This allows to carry it with less effort
  •  there are four three-mag pouches which allow to carry 12 30rnd AK-74 or AKM magazines. These are located on the sides. Side location allows to belly crawl much more comfortably while keeping a much lower profile
  • This system allows to quickly drop most modules, should there be a need to more mobility, speed, or ability to enter tight spaces
  •  materials used are not easily combustible, do not absorb water and not easily ripped
  •  each strap is rated so it could hold or pull an average conscript body weight (much appreciated during medical evac)

Should you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line or call us.

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SMERSH PKM tactical carry rig

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